Will It Ever Be The Same?

 Hello Natural Health family. I imagine everyone is doing well or getting better. The world seems to be going through some transitioning. However, if we think about the past it is always going through constant change. Therefore, when we are better able to adapt to the change we can live life on better terms. Today, let’s talk about how focusing on the good helps us keep climbing out of any hole we may have slipped into. 

Today it appears that we are being constantly bombarded with news of negativity of all sorts. It tends to tell stories of what is all going wrong in the world. That it is getting more chaotic and that we need to take drastic measures to change that. We are being told one thing and then it quickly changes to the opposite. This leads to people being confused which can cause fear or panic. Our minds are conditioned to be more influenced by the negativity that we give attention to. The best survival stand point is to see the danger more and be prepared for the worst case scenario. This constant or chronic thinking from a fearful mindset leads to less energy for ourselves which causes our bodies not to be able to function and feel in a healthy manner. 

Change is something that happens all the time in our lives. Our minds don’t like it especially when it can be unpredictable about how the outcome will turn out. As mentioned before, the mind likes more stability because it likes safety. Of course safety can be a good thing, but if it becomes a point where we are always worried about being safe all the time we can’t adapt to the changes in life. Therefore, we can choose to direct our minds more carefully when we face any change in our lives. Change may seem scary at the time. However, when we think about the different challenges and obstacles we faced back then that forced us to change then we can see the many times we were able to do it. This insight shows us that we, along with the rest of the world, have changed a great amount throughout our lives. We acknowledge that we may feel uneasiness at the beginning but after it is said and done do we feel better. Just like any new task or skill, the first time we attempt to learn it the task feels awkward and can even make us feel anxious. Not until we do it enough times that it becomes second nature does it appear to feel more free and easier to do. So in any area of change in life we can choose to remember that we have been through much change in our lives and be able to stay calm when it becomes more apparent in our lives. 

Focusing on the good helps us to start seeing more of it. Just like when you like a certain car you start to see more of it on the road. So instead of thinking about all the wrong that could happen, we start to direct our attention to the good possibilities of what may happen. Thus opening ourselves to opportunities rather than obstacles. Changing our thinking from what the world takes from us to what the world can offer us.

Change is a part of life. It is what helps us experience life in many ways which makes it interesting. If a movie had no change would you want to watch it? Since life is ever changing it is important to be able to adapt. Our adaptability is dependent on our health and our health is dependent on our mindset. Looking for the good we are ever willing to embrace the change and see life as what it can be. I encourage you this week to look for the good in any aspect in your life. Have a great day! 

Dr. Chip

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