When Worried Have Hope

Hello again Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is doing well and staying warm. This month we have been talking about the fall weather and our immune system health. Many people tend to talk more about the sickness that comes with colder weather seasons. However, a study of health is vastly more beneficial than sickness so let’s direct our focus towards our expectations of health during the upcoming season. 

There are many causes that can affect our own health and well being. One thing that we may consider is the emotion of worry. Worry may seem like a harmless trait that we overlook. However, when we think about the effects that it can have on our bodies then it is up to us to be able to lessen and/or rid completely. How does worry cause us health issues? When we worry many of our bodily functions start to change. Our body thinks that there is danger in its environment so instead of helping to digest foods, prepare our immune systems for action, keep our hormones balanced (this is for both guys and girls), and the many other functions to help bring about harmony in our bodies it instead sacrifices many of those actions. The reason is because the brain and body  are acting similar to what we may have worried about in the past. So instead of a tiger nearby that could possibly eat us, it could be other situations such as how others think of us, financial situations, family conflict, and so on.The body would be much more apt to protect itself from immediate threat of death rather than a bug such as bacteria or virus. So what is a way that we can lessen and let go of the worry? We can turn our focus towards the ability to have hope.

Hope is another emotion that can help us break free from the chains of worry. When we can start to think about the things that cause us worry then we can become aware. This can be helpful as the starting point. Then we can see what we can control and not control. The various things that we cannot control in life can show us that if we can’t control it then there is no sense in worrying about it. And we can see it from the other side. The situations that we can control we can “build” up our hope and take action toward the outcome that we are aiming for. We also can consider the many times in the past that what we worried about didn’t happen. That we are still here and breathing and can be grateful of the many times it worked out in a way that we didn’t expect it to. 

Many times we forget how powerful our own brain and bodies truly are. We forget all the many activities our bodies perform to keep us healthy. Sometimes we don’t realize that we ourselves can get in our own way for healing. When taking time to contemplate our amazing capacity to heal rather than what can harm us we start to realize our greatness. Hope can be a great tool to help release the cuffs of worry and allow ourselves to see what life can offer us.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip