What is Normal?

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone was able to have at least some fun during the weekend. It seems as though many people are starting to question many topics about what is going on nowadays. Much information out there is being spread that may lead many to be confused about what to do. It may cause us to overthink and overanalyze everything not being sure what is the truth. Today we are going to talk about a truth that has been forgotten over the years. This truth is simply this: Health is Our Natural State of Being

Have you ever contemplated why it appears that there is so much illness and dis-ease in the world? Why we have been led to think that many of the health issues are from causes outside of our control. That we are predestined to have health issues due to our heritage or circumstances. In today’s world chronic illness is seen as common in much of the population. According to the CDC, 6/10 people have one chronic illness and 4/10 have two or more. However, we can realize that common is not normal or natural. 

When we think about how, as a species, humans have made it this far we must realize our innate or inborn capacity to be healthy. If we were destined to be sick, weak, and suffering we would have never made it this far. However, there is much misinformation that leads us to think this way. When we let go of the idea of  trying to rid all our illness and dis-ease and rather change to achieving health we will start to turn the ships in the correct direction. When we release the different things that have caused the illness in the first place we allow our healing capability to be restored. 

When we respect our bodies enough to eat good foods, move, get outside, and maintain proper thinking then we allow ourselves the capacity for health. Help may be needed and that is just fine. However, we must have the courage to look at ourselves and our lives without judgement and make a conscious effort to see what we may be doing that is leading to such issues. When we think of all the great people back then that seemed to be the heroes of the day we must remember the patience and perseverance it took them to get there. When we are patient with ourselves and see where we may make errors, then we can open ourselves up to better health and well being. There are many avenues to health so never give up on yourself. We are all capable of this healing potential within us.

Have a great day!

Dr. Chip

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