What About Digestion?

 Hello again Natural Health Family. I imagine you are all well or getting better. This month we are starting off with digestion. Like many of the processes the body performs every second of every minute of every day, digestion is one that we only notice if it’s not working properly. The cause of something not working properly could be many, nonetheless the pain or symptom stems from the body not being balanced. 

Now you might think what causes an unbalancing of the body? Many things can cause the body to become unbalanced but typically it comes down to three different categories. One category can be the foods that we eat. I think that many know that when we eat certain foods too much of the time including very sugary and processed foods then we can start to have some issues. This is not saying that those foods are bad but when eaten in excess can be too much for our body to process. The second would be physical aspects. This could include traumas such as falling on the ground or hitting your head against something. It also can be from too little or too much exercise. This is of course based on individual needs and abilities. The third is our thoughts and mental attitude. When we get caught up in many of the things outside of us that influence how we feel we can start using too much energy which is needed for other processes that the body needs to perform to function properly. 

Digestion is needed so that we can maintain the health of our body. In the past many people would work to grow food. They would plant crops in the garden or fields so that they could be able to produce food for the rest of the family, friends, neighbors, and the rest of the community. The foods they grew were produced in a natural healthy way. Many people started with planting the seed all the way to enjoying the food in their bellies. The whole process lets people see all the work that goes into growing the food which they eat. In that manner people took pride in the food. People that helped to grow the food would be grateful for what they were able to yield that year so they could provide for others. The others that received the food would give appreciation for all the work that others did to be able to enjoy such food. You can think about prayer before meals being a means to thank a higher power but also all the people that were a part of the process. Nowadays much of the food people eat is processed. However, we forget that the appreciation of any food can be an important aspect in the health of our bodies. 

Everyone has their unique roles in this world whether or not they think it is important. Every job helps the whole and keeps the world going round. Just like the blood in our bodies that goes to all the cells of our body, food brings life to all. Let us be grateful for what we receive and appreciate everything that goes into it.

Have a great week. 

            Dr. Chip