What A Change In The Weather

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

for those folks who don’t like hot weather, this weekend was for you. It looks
like we’ve passed the hot weather and headed towards winter. Hopefully the
temperatures will come back a little bit because I’m not ready for dealing with
cold weather this long until next spring-ha. I even noticed some snow flurries
during the weekend and that makes it seem even colder. I’m trying to remind
people that since it is colder and the furnaces are running more, to make sure
and have their humidifiers running so that the air doesn’t get to dry and
irritate the sinuses and lung tissues. If these tissues get inflamed, it sets
you up for infections in the sinuses or lungs.

month in our health shop, we are talking about Preparing for Winter. This week
we are talking about Preparing the Immune System to handle the stresses of the
season. Of course, at Natural Health, we are helping patients find the
nutritional supplements that work best for their body to help their immune
system stay strong over this cold weather season. But what is coming up that throws
a monkeywrench into this?-the holidays. We start with Halloween and all the
candy and junk people eat, of course were noticing some sicknesses from that
already, and then add Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s, then
Valentine’s Day, and then Easter. These holidays seem to be great opportunities
for people to eat junk and sugar which again, burns up the good nutrition in
their body and then they wonder why they have colds and flu and even pneumonia
at the end of winter. Add to that the lack of sunshine which helps create
vitamin D in the body and we have a recipe for a health disaster. It just a
matter of making good choices during these holidays and not overdoing the ultra
processed foods.

of ultra processed foods, the article that I’m sending along looks at why these
types of food cause early deaths. It’s a fairly simple principle in that
processing foods to the point that they have no good nutrition helps the
manufacturer’s and store owners keep the foods longer on the shelf without them
going bad. The problem is that all this ultra processing removes the good
nutrients our bodies need to be healthy so what good are these foods if they
don’t help to provide good nutrition? It’s just important to realize that this
goes on all the time and most people don’t even understand what these “foods”
are doing to them. At Natural Health, we are always trying to overcome this
problem and educate patients to understand what they are doing to themselves. 

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Dr. Mark