Weight Loss Simplified II

Weight Loss Simplified
            This handout is geared towards the
patients who are having a tough time losing weight. As many of our other
handouts talk about toxicity in the body, we are finding this is a much more
prevalent problem in folks who are having a hard time losing weight and we must
work harder to get these toxins out of the body. With this in mind, we are
especially looking at the liver and kidneys and helping these organs to be able
to remove these toxins so the body can lose the weight. Were also find that
these toxins gum up the metabolic processes and that we must address this issue
as well. We’ve also found that further restriction of carbohydrates is
especially helpful, working towards a ketogenic, and almost Carnivore type
diet. A saying that we’ve come across that seems to work is that the diet is
for losing weight, and exercise is for building muscle. In other words, it’s
hard to lose weight by just working with exercise-the diet must be addressed.
And as always at Natural Health, we are looking for a healthy weight loss, not
just a numbers game.
            We have come across several products
that were finding help considerably in the battle of weight loss for those who
are having trouble and difficulty. The 1st one is a product called
Metabol Complex. It is an herbal product which helps to improve metabolism to
get the body burning calories more efficiently. Another product that were
caring is Somaderm Gel. This is a human growth hormone gel that helps a patient
to lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve their sleep, and heighten libido.
It is in a gel form so the patient rubs it on areas of concern on their body
before bed and let it do its job. Of course, as were doing this, we are
monitoring the body through our Nutritional Response Testing technique to make
sure that it is working and the organs of the body are staying healthy. We also
have access to a company that produces stem cell products that we can use to
turn back the biological clock in our patients.
            A couple of points that are
important to know when dealing with weight loss is that increased stress, which
raises cortisol levels, stops the thyroid hormones from working correctly.
Also, genetics only play a 30% role in this where epigenetics’, diet and lifestyle,
are responsible for 70% of gene expression.

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