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     Well I’m glad to see that everything is still green in the area. Karen and I visited my son in California and they are very dry out there and everything is brown. It was so great to come home to actual Green Grass and the trees looking so nice. It seems like there’s either too much rain or too little but I’m glad that we’re kind of right in the middle there somewhere. California is a very different area and I was surprised to see the number of people still wearing masks outside and  the number of homeless people roaming around. The roads were very busy and in the area that we were in and the migrant workers were doing a lot of harvesting and working hard at it. California is so diverse and the weather there changes from Valley to Valley. I’m glad to be home in simple old Quincy and enjoy a more Rural and slower-moving Society.

      We’re getting close to the end of July but still talking about breathing and hydration this month. At our health shop this week, we’ll be talking more about the use of sea salt and why it is so important. Salt is such a simple thing and we have been brainwashed to believe we  shouldn’t eat any but moderation is the key and the kind of salt is so important , sea salt and minerals salt having minerals in them as compared to the white junk processed salt. This goes along with the article that I have included looking at deficiencies in vitamin B12. It is all so simple in the needs of the human body but many people do not understand these simple nutritional principles and mainstream medicine pays very little attention to them. Most of the time they are covering up symptoms of vitamin deficiency with medication, which is simply ignorant. At Natural Health, we work towards getting our patients the correct nutritional supplements that they need for the stresses that they go through and the genetic preponderance that they have. The human body has nutritional needs that must be addressed or the body will show symptoms that should not be suppressed.  The Nutrition Response Testing technique that I use lets us know what nutrition that body needs and we can keep you working at Optimum, rather than just getting by being pain free. We are here to help you and yours be at Optimum and able to enjoy life with energy and endurance.

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