Vitamins and Minerals

            I hope that you had a great weekend
despite the weather. I had to take a trip to Central Michigan and it was warmer
there than it was here in Quincy. The first part of the trip was traveling in
whiteout conditions and not being able to see the road until we got to
Pittsfield and then not bad from there on. The weather can be a stress not only
because of the cold temperatures and being stuck inside but when trying to
travel and the conditions on the roads. The stress can lead to nutritional
deficiencies as the body is using more of its stores to handle these stresses.

            Our topic for tonight’s health shop
is vitamins and minerals. We’ll be talking about where they come from and how
the body can absorb them, two topics you never hear about on mainstream media
advertising. For example, the Ensure product has artificial vitamins and
minerals that come from rock sources and are basically unusable for nutrition,
and is full of sugar, just with people in nursing homes and such places

            The article that I’ve enclosed is on
bio sludge and again being aware of where your food is grown and what things
the plants are absorbing, not only minerals and the correct sources of those,
but what else is there. We stress buying organic foods in our office or even growing
your own to know where they come from. We are in very interesting times right
now as you can see from the CDC’s own website, rates far degenerative diseases
are going up. This means that something is not working.

            At Natural Health, we help patients figure
out what they need to be healthy and optimum. The reason I went to Michigan was
to bury a person who had died of cancer and was told she was cancer free twice
before that. It gives me lots of reason to try to get others to understand why
nutrition and health is so important. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark

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