Two Sides to the Holidays

Happy day Natural Health Family. It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and other holidays which means more time with friends and family. The holiday season is about connecting with others and embracing the spirit of celebration. A time to remember that we are all a family connected in many ways. To remember those who are less fortunate and give what we can to others. Although this can be a time of sharing and caring for others it can also be a time where many people may get down on themselves for various reasons. Let’s talk about the ups and downs of the holiday season. 

When we think of the holiday season we may forget those who may be going through some difficult times. This could be from reasons such as events that happened throughout the year, loss of loved ones, relationship concerns, financial issues, etc. Sometimes the holidays can bring out the opposite of cheer and joy but rather frustration and arguments. When this happens it doesn’t mean it is a personal attack towards a certain person but rather a build up of something that has been happening for a long time. We have all been there when we may have lost our cool with someone. That is why we can show empathy toward the person who may lose their temper. It’s also good just to be there for other’s who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sad, and/or depressed. Not necessarily trying to change them but to show them you care by being with them.   

The holiday season is a time when we remind ourselves what is really important in life. Celebrating with others gives a feeling of being together again, like coming home after being gone for so long. This season is about giving and as we give more then we receive more. This does not have to be of presents and gifts but more giving to others the gift of our time and presence with others. People know when you are present with them because they can feel your attention with them. When we are with other people thinking about various things in life from the past or what could happen with the future then the people know you are not with them. The present time or moment may be called the present because it is a gift. When we give our presence with others then we are giving them a gift. This life is too short worrying about what could happen based on what has happened before. Life is a gift and when we share our life with others we can either allow that gift to be shared with either worry, greed, envy, anger, etc. or we can share it with compassion, gratitude, and love. 

The holiday season can bring the best and worst in people. However, when we choose to embrace the season, realizing that not everything is going to go perfect, that there may or may not be arguments, that you can’t please everyone, etc, then we can choose to see the good in others and just simply to do our best. Not to expect perfection but see that our best is perfect. Have a great, merry, happy and joyful holiday season.

Thanks for a crazy wonderful year! 

Dr. Chip