This Too Shall Pass

  Welcome back Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is doing well. This past weekend I got to celebrate the wedding of a good friend of mine. As with any wedding, there was plenty of planning and prepping for all the activities that were on the schedule. However, it seemed like people were getting caught up in having everything perfect that they forgot to enjoy the day. Then the next day it is there and gone. So today let’s talk about what can help us to enjoy the day. 

When talking about what can help us let’s first talk about what might be limiting us. In many ways we can plan and coordinate various events in our life. It could be certain trips that we go, family functions, and others. However, many times we forget that it may not all go according to plan. Mostly when we want everything to be perfect, we start to fear what might happen that is not part of the plan. Our minds start to create stories of what could be called “worse case scenarios.”  We may feel like we must control everything because we don’t want something to go bad or things to go worse. This is how our minds have adapted to survive. The mind tries to find everything that is unfamiliar in the environment so that it can spot it before something bad happens. Just like when a person is in uncharted territory, he or she will probably be on high alert when they see or hear something that could be a predator such as a bear or other animal. However, some things that were adaptive back in the day may become maladaptive and lead us fearing what could happen. 

As was stated before, we can plan as much as we want for everything but many times it doesn’t happen the way we thought it was going to happen. When we can become more aware of this we can let go more and let life happen. Then we can start to enjoy the process rather than totally controlling what is going to happen. Imagine a movie that you haven’t seen yet but you knew the storyline exactly scene by scene. It would not be as entertaining as if you watched it without any previous knowledge. Like a movie, life can have ups and downs which adds to the fun of the movie. Therefore it is up to us to be able to not be moved and tossed around with all the activity but rather stand firm and enjoy the process. 

Everyday we have a choice to live in fear of what we think may go wrong or embrace life as it is happening. In today’s world there is much that may make people fearful of what might happen. We can prepare for certain times but not to indulge in the fear of what the future may hold. Instead, we can acknowledge all that we have gone through and know that whatever is happening in our lives that this too shall pass. Let’s weather the storm together.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Chip