The Whole Picture

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. It is still heart health month this February (the last day today) so we will go over more about the heart. We have discussed briefly what the heart can do for the rest of the body. Moreover, let’s consider the possible factors that could affect the heart that may cause issues in the first place.

When it comes to our bodies, the heart is a valuable part. However, many times we want to focus on one part of the body rather than looking at all the parts. The human body is an amazing “machine” and everything is connected. The heart, just like other organs of the body, can be seen as a reflection of the whole health of the body. So in that way we may consider not just addressing one part of the body but what may affect the whole body in general. 

So what does affect or influence the health of the body? We can put it into a couple categories to help our minds to understand. The three are as follows: nutrition/chemical, physical, & thought/emotional. Our bodies function better when we have the sufficient nutrients in the body such as vitamins and minerals to support the proper functioning of the body. When the body is overwhelmed with chemicals via the environment then it may also not function as optimal. Much like medication where the body can tolerate a little at a time for a specific issue, but it can’t handle too much at one time. Physically if the body doesn’t move which can promote healthy blood flow in the body then we can be susceptible to other issues. Also, if we exhaust and deplete the body too much without the necessary recovery, the body can start to have issues. Lastly, when we are stuck in a state of thinking and feeling a certain way such as worry, frustration, and others we are taxing the body too much. When we are able to embrace more positive thoughts and emotions such as gratitude, appreciation, kindness, etc. then we start to help relieve the body of the stress. Many times it’s not so much doing more things to promote health, rather to stop doing the things that promote sickness. 

We all know someone that may have a certain heart condition or have known someone who has experienced a heart attack. Many tend to get slowly absorbed in the thinking that it’s a normal part of life. However, when we look closely or from a different perspective we can see that health is actually normal but in today’s world not the average. Perhaps this is due to a misunderstanding of how the body gets healthy. The world is starting to realize that what we have been doing before is not working. It is time to embrace the change and move into a new way, the way back to health.

Have a great week. 

Dr. Chip