Hello everyone! Let’s talk about this year’s thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is just that, giving thanks for all the blessings that are in our lives. We are living in different times and many are struggling to see the good in these times. Let’s go over a couple topics so we don’t lose sight of the why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  

We might see with everything going on that we start to become frustrated about not being able to spend time with loved ones that we normally do at this time. However, we can take it with a different approach. How about instead of seeing all the restrictions or limitations to see others, we look for the good in what is happening. Perhaps it is time to focus on building our relationships with the people that we are with, the close ones that we are able to spend time with. This is a time when we can grow even closer to our family and friends. We tend to overthink about what we say to others but when we follow our hearts we are able to allow space for each person to open up. 

This is also a time that we have the opportunity to focus on ourselves as well. Do we take time for ourselves so that we can show up for others at our best? When we spend time with ourselves we are able to see things more clearly. We are not so apt to lose control of what we think and feel throughout the day. When we eat right, move our bodies and take time to calm our bodies and minds we create health. This leads to more energy for ourselves so that we can live healthier and happier lives. Taking time to quiet our minds and think about all we can be grateful for actually helps to rewire the brain which may seem different than the conventional thinking that our brains are permanent. Thanksgiving is a great time to step back and acknowledge all the great things in our lives. 

Let us take the time this Thanksgiving to focus our intention to connect with others. This connection is not only good for knowing how others are doing but actually creates a healthier mindset. Many people don’t get the same opportunity to spend time with loved ones. So make the best of this Thanksgiving and know that anyone appreciates when you are with them in these times. Thank you very much for reading and wish you many blessings!

– Dr. Chip

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