Take A Breath

 Hello Natural Health Family. I hope everyone’s enjoying their week. This will be short again but I believe it will be helpful to anyone who is dealing with stress (haha).

When we think about our problems we sometimes may come to the conclusion that they are greater than others’ issues. However, we can see it as being relative. Many times we wouldn’t want to be in another person’s shoes anyways. We all have our burdens to deal with or overcome so remember to be easy on others and yourself.

Stress is an interesting term. People find that it is something that makes their day worse or influences their body in a negative way. Now I am not saying this is right or wrong. However, I would say that it is our relationship with it that can be helpful. Some things that stress one person may not stress another. Nevertheless, when we see stress as something that helps us grow rather than something we must try to avoid, we allow ourselves to lessen the stress and move forward. When people workout, they are stressing their muscles so that they can eventually grow stronger. If they were to stress them all the time they would start to go backwards because they are not allowing them to rest and repair. Sometimes that stress can actually help us if we are willing to see it with a new lens. 

When we feel stressed, fearful, or anxious our body changes its physiology to adapt to it. A fearful response may include changing our breathing pattern. Just like when you have a sudden fright you may lose your breath. Our breath is always happening without our conscious control. It is what keeps us alive. We can also be mindful and breathe voluntarily which helps our bodies balance out as well. 

Life is always changing. Sometimes that change can be a fun experience and sometimes it may feel overwhelming, either way it is still going to change. The saying “this too shall pass” helps us understand to appreciate what is now because it may not be here long.

Breathe easy.

Dr. Chip