Sunshine and Vitamin D

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend and have found your winter coats. It looks like
this cold weather won’t stay with us for long but it’s a wake-up call that
winter is coming. Of course, the stores have Christmas stuff out already-even a
month or two ago. That seems to get earlier every year. At Natural Health, were
gearing up for the winter season and helping folks prevent nasty bouts of colds
and flu. I always look at the trees and they still have their leaves on so were
not headed into winter quite yet but it will be here soon. If you haven’t been
in lately for a health check, now is the time to make sure that we get your
immune system strengthened and get your energy up for all the upcoming
holidays. They seem to always cause lots of stress and wear people down.

forget that we are having our health shops on Monday evenings at 6:15 live on
Facebook and Instagram and then will send the recording over to
and YouTube. Were still talking about Chiropractic this month as October is
National Chiropractic Month. I hope that by now you realize that Chiropractic
is more than just for helping neck and back pain but is a healing paradigm all
by itself for all kinds of dis-ease problems. Our office has been helping
patients for over 42 years now and we have lots of experience in helping with
all kinds of problems and at any age. With Activator adjusting, which is an
instrument adjusting technique with very light force, we can help anybody with
any situation at any age. I’ve had patients come in before who were told by
their MDs that they shouldn’t go to chiropractors but that’s because the MD
doesn’t know anything about light force adjusting. Plus it’s like asking a Ford
dealer about buying a Chevy, they just don’t understand the reasons.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the need for sunshine and
vitamin D for so many systems in the body to work correctly. Of course, I’m
talking about the vitamin D complex and not the synthetic D3 that’s easily
available at vitamin places. As with all of our nutrition here at Natural
Health, we want patients to have the most bioavailable product that their body
can actually use and absorb. Synthetic vitamins are usually only one part of
the whole complex and body doesn’t like them, so they go right through the
digestive system and don’t help with health. We strive to find exactly what the
patient needs with our Nutrition Response Testing technique, and then get for
them the best products in the world that the body can utilize for health and
repair. What good does it do to buy junk vitamins that don’t work for the body
and that you don’t even know your body needs? The advertising always sounds
great but does it actually work? We get many people bringing in bags full of
vitamins here at Natural Health for us to test, and most of them are worthless.
It’s just not about what you put in your mouth, but it’s what the body actually
absorbs and uses correctly as it was meant to. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and
Live Well

Dr. Mark