Stress – The Big Elephant

Hi everyone! Today we are going to stem off of our last post about stress. We talked last time about the three T’s, the thoughts, traumas, and toxins. So let’s talk now about what the stress leads to in the body, the big “ELEPHANT” in the room. What I am of course talking about is the media scare of Inflammation. The body produces inflammation to heal itself. Think about an injury you might have had such as spraining an ankle. In acute situations, that inflammation is necessary to heal the area. The body swells the area bringing in more nutrient rich blood, healing hormones, and other substances so that the ankle can self heal and self regulate itself. The inflammation in that case is vital to stop you from damaging the area any more. The body also cleans that area of any damaged tissue and repairs the ligaments and tissues. After all the healing takes place and you get back to your life, eventually you live like you never had the issue. However, when you have chronic inflammation in the body which is caused by either too much physical stress, eating too many inflammatory foods, and/or negative thinking patterns, then you start to suffer illness. The constant chronic stress causes too much inflammation in the body for you to handle. When your body has too much inflammation it loses the ability to adapt which creates dis-ease in the body.  Inflammation comes from the word inflame which is telling us that we have too much fire in our system. Our body is burning up and we must put out the fires to live a healthier life. 

When the brain is able to communicate with the rest of the body, then it can send the correct orders to put out the “internal flames”. This connection provides a better adaptability to overcome the stresses of life. However, when the nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) is not able to communicate properly to the other areas of the body, then the “internal fires” can build and cause problems in the body.  Too much fire in any area such as all the organs, glands, tissues, and cells of the body can lead to them not working properly. When a part of the body cannot perform tasks in the correct manner, then a dis-ease of the body is created. This leaves the body more vulnerable to all chronic illnesses. 

When you receive a chiropractic adjustment, you are bringing life back to the nervous system and increasing your adaptability. This allows you to put out the fires which allows your body to self heal and self regulate. So make sure to limit the stress when possible and keep your adaptability strong. Thanks for reading!
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