Restoring Health – Not Just Symptom Relief

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                What a
beautiful weekend! The temperatures were nice and we even had a little cloud
cover in there to keep the day from becoming too hot. We still need more rain
but looks like the chances are good for this week and I’m sure it’s coming.
It’s nice to see everything green back up since it was so dry but you have to
mow the grass-ha. It was starting to look like fall there for a while but now
were back to summer and everything is growing again. It’s a great time of year
that I hope you can get out and enjoy. I’m noticing quite a few patients having
allergy symptoms and we have some great products to help the body to get those
pollens and dust out so they don’t irritate the body. We talk about drainage a
lot here at the office, meaning that we want to be able to drain the lymphatics
and allow the liver to get the gunk out. If the liver is already overloaded
from whatever is in your environment, you will notice a backup of lymphatics
and more allergy symptoms. Keep that liver healthy.

gone back and forth on what we’re doing with our Patient Education Workshops
and Health Shops. We’re trying something different but I think since the Covid
debacle, people don’t want to come out in the evening and maybe are just busy. So,
I think we will go back to having our Health Shops on Monday night live on
Facebook and Instagram and then offer to anyone who wants to have a patient
education workshop for their friends and family, we can schedule that for them
on a separate night. We have a lot of our information in videos on our website,
which may answer many questions about what we do at Natural Health. It’s so
exciting to see patients’ health restored after working with our program. With
Nutrition Response Testing, we can monitor the body and find out what nutrition
the body actually needs to be healthy. This is not an advertising or marketing
ploy to get you to buy a bottle of vitamins that may or may not work. Our
testing procedure allows us to determine exactly what the body needs and to
work on other problems that can cause a nutritional deficiency, like irritable
bowel syndrome or lack of acidity in the gut and so on. Many folks have the
false impression that whatever you put in your mouth goes to where it’s
supposed to be effective, and this is just not true.

article that I’m sending along goes with this line of conversation in that most
people are not deficient in just one mineral. There are usually co-minerals
that are lacking and the enzymes that use these minerals cannot work. This
prevents the body from repairing itself and being actually healthy. The article
talks about doctors giving patients iron pills and this can cause problems.
Something that the article doesn’t even talk about is that the gut has to be in
an acid pH situation to absorb these minerals and many people are on proton
pump inhibitors and/or taking ant-acids because of acid reflux or GERD. Most
people don’t understand, and doctors either, that many of these problems are
not a situation of too much acid but not enough of the right kind of stomach
acid to digest foods. The medications work on the symptoms but make the
underlying mineral deficiencies even worse. An example of this is that people
that are on proton pump inhibitors for long periods of time usually become
osteoporotic, meaning they’re not absorbing calcium, and the minerals that go
with it, so their bones are thin and weak. Our goal here at Natural Health is
to get the body healthy without the need for symptom relief. Symptoms are just your
body’s way of telling you something is wrong, don’t continually cover them up
with medications. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark