Ready For Fall and Harvest?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

     What a great weekend. We got a lot done outside and are so thankful that we got some good rain to keep everything green. Karen even noticed that after she mowed off the garden, there’s another crop of volunteer vegetables growing and we’re hoping that we actually get some produce from that. It’s just great to have the trees green yet and the grass still growing this late into fall. The weather is even good for the farmers as it’s dry enough to get the crops ready for Harvest and they seem to be doing well. We are noticing some people having problems with allergies and sinus problems so we’re working hard with those folks here at the office to get them doing better. It’s not always allergies but just breathing in the pollen of the late fall flowers and all the Dust and pollen from the crops being harvested.

    In October we are looking at inflammation in our health shop classes and  the first one is on nervous system inflammation. This doesn’t have much to do with the article that I’ve included on the 4000 patents that have been procured by businesses and labs on the Coronavirus stuff since the year 1999, other than  it makes my nervous system “angry”. This virus business has gotten out of hand with all the money being made and all the lack of true health information being allowed, and the censorship from all the big Tech and big media companies. Most of this has nothing to do with health but about profits and politics and it’s disgusting to watch. We are doing our utmost here at Natural Health to find true and valid information about the actual virus and help our patients to navigate Health decisions based on this real information, not the fear mongering from the mainstream media. I am so surprised that mainstream medicine has gone along with all this carrying on but we are seeing some doctors who are bucking the trend and using real treatments for folks who need it. We are finding that our nutritional support and dietary recommendations are keeping people from needing medical intervention and we even have a few tricks up our sleeve about that information too. It’s just disheartening to see all the misinformation and fear-mongering spread around this country. At Natural Health, we do what works to help our patients be healthy that is our primary concern. In my view. Politics  has no reason to be involved in this and most of that is a power play. If you have any questions you can always give us a call and we do have free consultations so you can find out what we do here.

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