Pregnancy and Fertility

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

weekends are getting nicer and were starting to get more done outside. The
ground is pretty wet yet but that’ll change this week as the temperatures go
higher and the rain clouds are not around. My wife Karen actually got a little
too much sun Saturday while she was mowing the grass but she tans very easily
so it will work out fine. I’m hoping that the good sunshine will rid us of all
the mold issues people have been dealing with but then will have more pollen to
deal with and we have many great products that help patients handle all this
dust and pollen. Remember, Dust and pollen have been in the air forever, and
the body is able to handle it as long as it’s not overloaded. We help patients
with detox here at Natural Health to keep the trash cleaned out so you can
handle a few more dust particles.

health shop this week will be on Pregnancy and Fertility as we are in Women’s
Health Month in May. It should be a very interesting discussion and will be
live on Instagram and Facebook at 6 o’clock on Monday and then will be posted
on and YouTube for a later viewing. We have a great list of
nutrients that we use to help women during their pregnancy and some good advice
for those that are just thinking about it. It’s much better to have a year
before the pregnancy to help detox the body and get it ready for this big
event. The better we are prepared, the better the outcome.

                The article that I’m sending along today looks
at the use, or overuse, of steroids. Like many medications, it has a use but is
only meant to be used short-term. Many people take steroids for years, like
inhalers for asthma, and never look at the underlying cause of the problem
which can usually be fixed easily. This is our specialty here at Natural Health,
to find the underlying cause of the problem and help the patient’s body be able
to heal itself so that the “symptom” fades away into a memory. We do this all
the time and have great success as you can see by the pictures we have on our
wall with all the successful outcomes. Mainstream medicine never talks about
natural immunity or natural healing but the body has been healing itself for
millennia. At Natural Health, we find the barriers as to why the body can’t
heal itself, help the body remove those, and then help the patient get the
right building blocks in their diet for their body to be able to repair itself.
It’s really not rocket science, but takes a little patience and understanding
of how the body works. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark