Pollen and Allergies

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                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend is much as I did. It’s nice that the weather has
started to moderate a bit but we did have a little taste of summer there. This
week is supposed to be very nice temperatures and I hope you can get out and
enjoy the sunshine. We are noticing a lot of problems with the pollen that is
everywhere right now and we have some great products to help your body handle
that. It’s important to realize that the liver has to deal with anything brief
in and everything has to drain through the lymphatics. This dust and pollen is
in the air and our bodies will have to deal with it but there are good ways of
doing that and we can help here at Natural Health.

health shop this week looks at breast and cervical cancer as we are still in
women’s health month through May. I’ll be talking about general ways of helping
cancer or preventing cancer which is even more important in that anyone can do
these things with just a little effort. Cancer is just an immune system that
has went awry and the underlying cause of that needs to be addressed or the
cancer can come back. Mainstream medicine is doing well at riding people of the
cancer that they have but unless the underlying causes are addressed, the
problems will come back in the same area or different areas. This general
information goes along with all the degenerative diseases, including
cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It really isn’t that hard to prevent these
diseases but you have to know the truth about diet and your environment and
correct those things that you can do something about.

article that I’m sending along looks at some of the signs and symptoms due to
mineral deficiencies. As you may notice, some of these symptoms mimic the
things that mainstream medicine diagnose as a disease process and then wants to
treat that with a medication. The drugs can cover up a symptom but the
underlying cause is still there and this relates back to the previous
paragraph. Something many people don’t understand, or know about, is that
medications also rob the body of vitamins and minerals as the body has to try
to work to get rid of these toxic chemicals. The sad news is most of these
patients already have problems with this process and that’s why they were put
on the medications which further enhances these underlying issues. At Natural
Health, we specialize in finding these underlying causes and helping the body
to repair itself, as it has done for thousands and thousands of years before
medications and vaccines were even thought about. 

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