Plans and Opportunities

 Hey! Have you ever had a plan that didn’t work? I went on a skiing trip to Colorado with Dr. Chip and had to stay a couple more days because a blizzard went over the airport. Quite a stressful situation that was tempting to react with negative emotions such as anger, frustration, worry, and the list goes on. I’m sure we have all had “challenges” in our life that may bring out these emotions within us. But doesn’t it always work out no matter what emotions we use? During our re-planning of our flights, we focused on the opportunity life was giving us rather than looking at this as a bad thing. So we did some more hiking trips and more skiing. We are even going to a Top Golf that I always wanted to go to.

It seems that when life closes a door, a window opens. This has been the same for all of the “challenges” that I have had in my life. It may have been hard to see the window open right away, but in the grand scheme of things I was always looking out the window even when I thought I was just looking straight at the closed door. The show still goes on and when the door closes, that is the perfect time not to react with negative emotions. Reacting with negative emotions may be the single thing that is closing all of the doors and making it challenging to see out of the window. 

So when there is something that doesn’t work out as planned, just keep in mind that everything will be alright. Just think about all of those challenging times in your past to where you are now. You have successfully found all of the windows even if you reacted with negative emotions. Look at the grand scheme of those times. How can you move forward in changing the way you respond to stressful situations? Responding in a calm and proactive way may open the door right back up. Continuing to respond rather than reacting to stressful situations will open up much of those closed doors, changing your mindset, and make life much easier. 

Have a wonderful week,

Coach Ed 

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