Nutritional Support

            I hope that you really enjoyed the
weekend. It sure was nice weather for the middle and end of December. Doesn’t
look like much of a chance for a white Christmas but we have got to see snow
several times already. It’ll be nice for those who are traveling to not have to
worry about bad weather. I hope that you and yours can get together over the
holidays, have lots of fun and good conversation, and try not to eat too much
sugar and junk!

            As the topic for this month is
handling stress, I’ve included an article that looks at 3 major nutritional
support supplements that help the body handle stress. Omega 3 oils, vitamin D,
and magnesium are all great health promoting nutrients. We have much better
ways of determining your need for this than Dr. Mercola and his surveys with our
Nutrition Response Testing technique and the supplements we use are whole food
nutritional supplements, not synthetics or singular vitamin concentrates, but
the information in the article this good. And as usual, we will watch the
patient’s digestive ability to make sure they can absorb and utilize these
nutrients. Many patients that come into our office have livers that are already
toxic or overloaded and cannot handle digesting and absorbing the good oils in
the diet. This is why, I suspect, most patients are deficient in vitamin D. And
were talking about the vitamin D complex here, not just D3-the one the medics
check for in blood tests. There is so much more going on with nutrition and
diet than mainstream medicine knows about or will take the time to explain to
patients. Dietitians are worried about cholesterol and getting enough carbs in
the diet which is old news, and not healthy. I’m always amazed at the diabetes
patients that come into our office and are told to eat oatmeal in the morning
for breakfast which just turns to sugar in the body. Makes no sense!

            So as we head towards a new year,
think about the status of your health and those of your loved ones and friends
and neighbors. Let’s work towards making 2020 a year of less suffering, not
only with the pains of illnesses but the pains of medical expenses and debt.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and
Live Well

-Dr. Mark

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