Mother’s Intelligence

Hello all at Natural Health. Today I wanted to celebrate all the moms out there. This could be those who have their own kids, amazing aunts who love their nieces and nephews, or moms who take care of many other people’s kids. All moms deserve a shoutout because without them we wouldn’t be here. 

    Moms do many things for their kids and families. From taking kids to school, preparing lunches, helping with homework, to healing an owie (technical term) with a kiss, handling family matters, and the list goes on. All these things are needed for a family to be supported and grow together. These things might not seem like incredible feats such as lifting the back of a car to help a child escape with superwoman-like strength (which moms have done before in those events), however, they are just as important to help support a loving family.
    Have you ever wondered about the amazing intelligence or force a mother has to make a baby. It is fascinating that a woman is able to make another person in around 9 months. We take for granted this awesome intelligence that creates a baby. It knows exactly how many cells to put together, where to put them, and in exactly the right amount of time so the baby is ready for birth. This same intelligence carries out many other processes such as the rate that your heart beats, your unconscious breathing throughout the day, your digestion, your ability to heal such as a cut on your hand and many other processes. We lose millions of cells per second and it is this intelligence that keeps the cells constantly replacing and repairing allowing our bodies to grow. Moms have an incredible power within them to create life. You could say that this means that they are more than a woman but a superwoman. 

    We have a day to celebrate moms which is called Mother’s Day and it is celebrated every year. This is great and it helps us recognize what moms do for everyone. However, why not appreciate the moms, especially your own mom, every day or at least every week. Let’s start appreciating things that we take for granted, especially a very powerful force, the love from a mother. 

    Thank you to all the moms out there who do their best to love and support their families.

Bless you all and may you receive more love throughout the year. 
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