Monday Night Healthshops

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

were finally getting some rain on a somewhat regular schedule. I hope you can
find your lawnmowers back because the grass is greening back up and we will
have a few more “mows” before fall gets here. There is still a lot of pollen
and dust out there and don’t forget that we have great products to help the
liver handle all the junk that we bring in when we breathe and open our eyes
and things like that. I’m really glad to see the rain and the green coming back
into our world. It was looking way too much like late fall. Hopefully you’re
enjoying your summer, what’s left of it, before we head back to school and all
the crazy schedules involved with that. Don’t forget that we also have a lot of
food supplements that help with handling stress and anxiety naturally. Most of
the time, it’s a lack of B vitamins and a lot of the sugary summer foods make
that all worse.

                We are
also back on the schedule of doing our health shops live on Facebook and
Instagram at 6: 15 on Monday nights. We will then post them to
and YouTube so that you can look at those later if you missed the live
presentation. Some of the information is a repeat from time to time but it’s
good to remember the simple things we teach people, because our society is so
geared into all the sugary and crappy foods that cause health problems. I
explain to many of our new patients that most all the information we have here
at Natural Health is not new, it’s not a fad, but it is information that has
lasted the test of time and actually works. This way we know that our
scheduling and nutrition works all the time, it’s just getting the patients to
understand why it’s important to follow this information that we know has
worked over millennia. So hopefully you can tune into the health shops or catch
the recorded video and learn a little bit more about health and how to stay
actually healthy.

article that I’m sending along looks at the many ways that eating lemons helps
with health. As with all natural and whole foods, there are many nutrients in these
foods that are what the body actually needs to be healthy. These foods are what
our bodies are designed to work with and give it the basic building blocks to
repair itself, as long as there is nothing blocking the nervous system from
being able to do that. This blocking comes from all the physical and emotional
traumas that we run into every day, and that is our claim to fame here at
Natural Health. With our Nutrition Response Testing technique, we can find
these blockages and remove them so the body can continue to heal itself. We
find that people with degenerative disease, like all the major causes of death
in this country, are not able to heal themselves because of these blockages.
This is why even healthy people should be checked from time to time to make
sure that their bodies are healing correctly and not falling apart to the point
that they have symptoms. The old saying about an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure is definitely true. 

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