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 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

this last weekend wasn’t near as nice as the one before. It’s amazing how fast
you get used to the warmer temperatures and now, it seems cold when it gets
below 50. And the wind didn’t help much either. I went to an outside wedding
this weekend and it sure seemed cold there. Of course, I didn’t bring enough
close or gloves so it’s partly my fault. It makes a big difference if you’re
just going from the house to the car and back, or if you’re sitting out in the
cold for an hour or so. We’ve already had a couple folks coming in today with
colds and sniffles from being out in the cold and not wearing enough warm
clothes. It’s just part of Spring and we’ll figure it out eventually.

week we will actually have our health shop which we’ll put on Instagram and
Facebook line and then upload to YouTube and Brighteon.com. We’re talking about
spring allergies this month and we were really starting to notice them with the
warmer weather, but the wind and colder temperatures have slowed it down a bit.
On the upside, it sure is nice to see the trees greening up and all the
flowering trees and flowers in the yards showing their pretty colors. It’s so
much better than the winter brown and grays. We try to get patients to
understand that many of the spring allergies are a result of colds that the
body hasn’t completely gotten rid of and problems with livers that are not
draining all the gunk out. When we work on these two problems, the allergies
seem to magically go away.

article that I’m sending along this week, looks at how dark chocolate can help
certain health conditions. The catchy word here is “dark chocolate”. It is
catchy because it’s the cocoa in chocolate that is actually good for you, and
not the sugar-of course. I hear it over and over when people want to eat
chocolate, they call it dark and think it’s good for them. And like anything
else, in moderation maybe fine but many folks forget that part. This is
especially true after all the chocolate bunnies people ate after Easter. Again,
the refined sugars deplete the immune system of minerals and so the bugs can
get a foothold and pretty soon you have a cold or snuffles, and were back to
the previous paragraph explanation. There is quite a few “foods” like that on
the market, and the manufacturers sure know how to promote these health claims
to sell more and more. Another good example of this is wine, where people have
heard that some is good for you but they have a tendency to overindulge and not
pay attention to the sources of the wine, and the dryness-which is just reduced
sugars. It’s that “buyers beware” saying that must be taken into consideration.
That’s why I hope that your planting gardens this spring so that you know where
the good foods come from and how they were raised and harvested. It all makes a
difference over time, and especially if the body is stressed for whatever

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