Men’s Health Month


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great weekend as it was really a nice one. These temperatures
are great and were getting a lot done outside, been looking forward to it all
winter. The trouble is we keep finding more work to and it never seems to end.
You can get pretty sore by working those long hours outside and that’s where we
use our Cataplex ACP and Boswellia Complex nutrition’s, along with Hemp Oil
Complex, to heal from all that extra work. Taking anti-inflammatories to
control pain does not help the underlying condition of the joints and muscles
being aggravated from working. Our products help to heal these areas correctly,
so that the body does not put cheap scar tissue down, otherwise known as
arthritis, which leads to joints that don’t work and people that can’t work,
even if they enjoy it. So were here to help at Natural Health, even from
working too hard.

starts a new month for us so our health shop this month will be about Men’s
Health, but if you listen in, much of the information can be used for everyone.
This week were discussing men’s heart health and will be giving lots of great
information on general cardiovascular health as the heart and circulatory
system cannot be separated from the rest of the body. We are a holistic
organism and treating one area treats the rest, for better or for worse. We would
have people rather use nutritional products that strengthen the health of the
whole body rather than medication that covers up symptoms, never addresses the
cause, and can cause side effects by damaging other organs or glands.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the American Heart
Association still using outdated information that was put forth decades ago by
someone who had a narrative. A big problem in mainstream medicine is they never
revisit anything they have made dogmatic, probably because they’re making too
much money on it. The deal with cholesterol and selling statin drugs is one big
example. This goes along with the article even though it may not explain it
quite that way. We’ve seen the same problem with the Covid business this year
and how there is no scientific discussion or revisiting any decisions by the
powers that be for whatever reason. I think I would rather be healthy and not
rely on a system that is not working very well, as proven by the large amounts
of degenerative disease experienced by the citizens of this country. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark