Medical Freedom

            I hope that your weekend was as
exciting as mine. Got some good sunshine and a little suntan started. So nice
to have warm weather again and not have to wear winter coats all the time. I
also enjoyed going to businesses and seeing the reaction to the virus stuff and
facemask “law”. There is so much half-truths and political leanings going on
right now. I still tried to enjoy the beautiful days and was thankful that I
could still move around and had the information to keep me and my family well
and healthy. We are here to share that information with you and yours so that
you don’t have to worry about all this virus business.

            For many years now we have seen the
lack of credibility and truthfulness in what is called “scientific”
information. This plan-demic is really showing the hands of those who we are
supposed to look up to. I am amazed at the response of the global community
accepting this lockdown and opinionated “science” that changes from week to
week and almost day-to-day. Enjoy the attached article.  There’s a couple quick points to make about
all this.

            When getting information that you
make your health decisions on, know the source of where it comes from and what
that sources political or monetary background is. The mainstream media
definitely has a political agenda so cannot be trusted at all for correct and
balanced information, at least in my book. There are becoming many more great
sources of information on the Internet. One that I like is
This is a great time to realize that you must be in control of your health and
not let mainstream medicine control your destiny.

            The other point is to keep our
medical freedom and not let others impose their will on our bodies. Many people
that don’t understand how the immune system works and how pathogens are spread,
I’m not sure they want to know, are waiting for a miracle vaccine that is
supposed to help us all. If that’s what they want, fine, but don’t impose that
type of thinking on the rest of us who actually are working towards health and
feel that the ingredients in a vaccine are detrimental to true health. I’m
afraid this issue will come up soon so please be aware.

            Remember that we are here at Natural
Health to help you and yours, that is our life’s work and mission. 

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Get Healthy,
Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark

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