March is Here

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed the weekend. It was another big tease on spring coming soon.
If you could be out in the sun, even with the wind blowing, it felt almost
warm. But when the sun was under the clouds, it felt cold to me, especially
with that much wind. At the office, were kind of in that middle space of some
colds and flu from the winter but soon, will be looking at more allergy type
problems from the flowers and grasses growing. I know that I’m sure looking
forward to seeing it green up everywhere. I won’t even mind mowing the grass
for the first several times. And just so you know, we do have great nutritional
products to help with those lingering colds and flu and to help with the
upcoming allergy issues.

starting to good use to our new Health Shop and Patient Education Workshop
schedule. Our health shop last week Wells well watched and had good comments.
As we’ve started into March now, we will have the patient education workshops
in office on the first and third Monday, and then the big health shop, being
taped live on Instagram and Facebook, on the fourth Monday. We haven’t had a
lot of guests at the patient education workshops yet but I think that will
change as we start developing new patients and their friends coming to the
patient education workshops, and that the weather has gotten better and the
days are growing longer. I know that people kind of got used to being
homebodies with this covert goofball stuff, but hopefully people will want to
get out more, and learn about health more, as spring comes and it’s more fun to
be outside and move around. There’s always lots of good information on being
healthy at the patient education workshops and everyone is welcome, just call
the office to make your reservation so that we can have the “goodie bags” ready
when you get there.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at eating flowers as a nutrient,
vitamin, and mineral source. Most people think of flowers as just being pretty
but many of the colors in the flowers are good nutrients and good antioxidants.
Of course, you have to know which flowers are edible but that is described in
the article and that information could be found online in many places. I tend
to like the use of Standard Process and Mediherb nutritional sources, as
they’ve already done all the footwork to gather and test these herbs and
flowers and plants. Another point here is this also helps us realize there are
so many good natural plants and foods to help us be healthy and most people
don’t know much about them. We have gotten ourselves lulled into this
mainstream medical model of eat, drink, and be merry and then when you have a
health issue, come in and will give you medications or surgeries and that’s not
health. At Natural Health, we work towards getting our patients to understand
what it takes to be healthy and they find then that all of their symptoms melt
away. This even works for weight loss as consuming a diet that is healthy and
not loaded full of refined carbs, and getting the metabolism of the body to
work correctly, helps with a healthy weight loss. And, to maintain this weight
loss, there must be a lifestyle change so that you don’t end up right back
where you were. Many folks know about this when they start a particular “diet”
and they do lose weight, but then when they stop the diet, all the weight comes
back plus more. Our goal is to get patients to just be healthy and the weight
stays off all by itself.

Click here to read article.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark