Light up the World

 Hello Natural Health Family. We are starting March with warmer temperatures, sun shining and a feeling that spring and summer are just around the corner. This means that we are able to get outside and enjoy more of the world. The world might appear a bit chaotic yet and many are uncertain of the future. However, this world is full of good if we are willing to look for it. Let’s talk about how fear and love can influence the way we view our lives. 

When you watch the news or media and see all the conflict and turmoil then you imagine how scary the world can be. But then you take a step outside and feel the sunshine hit your face and breath in some fresh air. Instantly you feel a change of energy and a sense of calmness. It can be confusing and conflicting when we see the world one way, but then in the next moment see it completely the opposite. This confusion may cause us to feel fearful of what is happening in the world. It causes us to be overcome by what appears to be the darkness of the world. Just like a kid, when we are in the dark we may feel scared. This is because we don’t understand the dark or the fear around us. However, when we realize that fear is a part of the process, that the dark is the absence of light and start to express our own light, we can see the world more clearly. This helps us see the world through a different light, one of appreciation and love.

When you go to different places such as restaurants, social gatherings, offices, etc. what do you see? Do you see everyone in a frenzy and panicked about what could go wrong? I bet if you do look at others today you will notice that people are connecting with others and you might even see some laughing and enjoying their company with others. Yes, there is some conflict going on now and we should be informed. However, when you see all the good coming from all of this it makes you wonder how much love is in this world. It also makes you become more appreciative of all that we have. 

You can go from fear to love in a short moment. We may get caught up in fear but guess what, you are still here and breathing. Fear diminishes the light and love embraces the light in this world. Simply shifting from casting our gaze on the darkness to that of the light can change our whole perspective which helps us have more energy. Better yet, as we realize the light within us we can help guide those who are still lost in the dark. Everyone has to find their own way of making this transition so don’t force but rather allow others to make the transition. Every person is a unique expression of this light. Let your light shine.

Thank you for reading.  

Dr. Chip

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