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beautiful weekend and I hope you were able to enjoy it. The temperatures have
been great and we’re getting a lot of sunshine. We had a little rain but not as
much as we need. I was digging in some drain tiles, and the dirt that I was
working in was very dry. The grass is staying green though, and that’s a good
thing. The trees seem to be doing well and of course the weeds are too. I’ve
noticed a lot of patients coming in with sinus drainage I think this is due to
the corn pollinating and the dry dust that’s rolling around. We have lots of
good products to help with this drainage and allergy symptoms and we help our
patients accordingly.

week in our health shop, we will be talking about Health 101 for Kids. This
month were talking about Back to School topics, so this week should be
especially interesting. We talked last week about learning disabilities and the
information this week will connect right into that as the information we have
on health in general goes along with preventing problems that were talking
about this month. It really isn’t that hard to understand how the body works,
it’s just hard to get past all the customs and or societal outlook on treats
for kids. Every time we have a holiday of any sort or go on vacations, we seem
to have to have a lot of foods that are not health promoting. It just becomes a
habit or ritual to do this. Many people can get by with this but the kids are
more sensitive as their bodies are smaller and their growing. All this relates
to how they do in school and how they can learn.

article I’m sending along this week looks at Quercetin and how it can help with
stopping tumor growth and many other good things. One of the main sources of
this FIFO nutrient, is green tea and we try to encourage all our patients to
start the day with a cup or two of green tea. I’m actually drinking some right
now. This theme goes along with the idea that there are many, many great
nutrients in good foods. It’s just important to realize that we need these good
foods in our daily diets and we need to be able to digest them correctly. In
our nutrition work, most folks that come into the office as new patients have
what we call “leaky gut”. This condition comes from inflammation in the gut
lining and stop the patient from being able to absorb good nutrients in foods.
So even if they are trying to eat good foods, they may not be getting the good
nutrients in them. We strive to get this condition healed and then get the
patient on a good diet so that they can become actually healthy, not just
chasing symptoms with medications and treatments. 

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