It’s December

December! How’s everyone doing in the Natural Health Family? I imagine everyone
is doing well especially since this year has been mild regarding the weather.
This time of the year can be challenging but it also can be a time of
excitement. The holidays remind us that we can be joyous even when there seems
to be chaos and issues in the world. Celebration is not only found in our
holiday seasons but can be a choice for us every day of our lives. Let’s talk
about how we can bring more joy into our lives.

When was a time where you
may have been upset, worried, overwhelmed, scared, etc? It may have been a year
ago, a month, or even very recent. Now I ask you, where you are right now, can
you say that whatever the circumstance or event that happened, did it work out?
Many times, we can catch ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the world, the
way we think it should go, the endless chatter of the mind, the minor issues
that we sometimes complain about, and the list can go on. However, it is up to
us to stop that pattern. To realize and embrace what is now and what we can do
to bring more joy into our life. Sometimes it’s not a matter of forcing and
striving to change the way someone else thinks, to think we can worry ourselves
out of a situation or to try to figure out the problem. Many times, it comes
down to slowing down, taking a breath and realizing what is in our 
power to
make the change. Sometimes when we have been struggling for a while to get the
solution, we have been trying to force an outcome, we can realize that our
efforts are better made towards letting go and allowing life to bring the
solution to us. This can allow us to bring more joy into our life.

holidays can help us come back to that realization that life has its ups and
downs, its left and rights, its joys and its sorrows and even with that we can
choose to celebrate life more fully. So, when life seems to be moving fast
remember to slow down and take time to take it all in. This life offers many
things to be joyful for and we can choose to celebrate those little moments. 

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip