Is Sunscreen Safe?

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      Another beautiful weekend and we even got some rain. I was so glad because the grass was starting to get dry and it’s a little early for that. We are now Into Summer and with that comes lots of warm weather and sunshine. Hopefully the rains will continue and keep everything green and growing. I hope that you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy Father’s Day. It’s great to take a moment to remember and thank our fathers and just be able to enjoy the day.

The article that I’ve been closed this week looks at sunscreens and how they can contain chemicals that are not good for a person. I’m lucky in that I can usually get by with just using coconut oil before and after sun exposure but some people have lighter skin and must be more careful. I still think it’s a good idea for them to use coconut oil before and after to help heal the skin and help it to tan and stay moist. There just aren’t that many good sunscreens available where it might be better if a person could wear a light white covering to help with not getting too much sun at one time. There is an interesting correlation between sun exposure and activation of vitamin D and those that have darker skin need more sunshine to get the D activated and those who have lighter skin need less sun exposure to have the same amount of vitamin D activated in their blood streams. It has to do with where they are ancestrally from and how their bodies handled a lot of sun or very little Sun but still produced activated vitamin D that your body needs to be healthy. Of course you have to eat the right Foods to get the precursors for vitamin D and not be eating a bunch of white sugar and junk, but at least during the summer we have the opportunity to get vitamin D working for us. This has really been brought to the Forefront during this virus business and how important your immune system is, as well as all the other systems of the body. Being healthy is much more important than taking drugs or a jab, and people don’t realize that those things don’t work unless your body is healthy in the first place, and then you really don’t need them. People that have poor immune systems think that taking a jab will be all they will need but the jab only works if the immune system responds to it. It’s an interesting thing to think about. At Natural Health, we help our patients to just be healthy and not chase symptoms. It’s a different type of Paradigm and one that works very well!

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