In With The New

 Natural Health Family! I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to accomplish whatever it was you wanted to do, or maybe just took a rest. Over the weekend I was able to do some new things and it had me thinking about how we feel about trying something new. Everyone may have different tastes of what they like and dislike, which obviously is great and helps with the variety of life. Sometimes we can get caught up in doing the same things over and over but when we decide to do something new it can break that cycle or at the least switch it up. 

Why is trying something new sometimes an unsettling or uncomfortable process? Do you remember when you were younger and when you tried something new it was an exciting process, like going on a field trip to a place you have never been before. When we are younger we are like sponges learning all that we can, exploring new territory, and want to see what we like and dislike. Our brains at that stage are growing at an incredible rate. From infancy to adolescence our brain reaches nearly its full size and studies show that it stops growth around our mid 20s. Now why would this be important for trying new things? As our brain grows we are making many new neural connections. It is learning and growing so

it is more adaptable to new things. Our brain, however, as it is maturing, bases much of the information it learns on survival. This of course is great when we are in extremes and need to adapt to life threatening situations. However, when it comes to our lives now, we are not in those extremes of survival. The brain can think that a tiger around the corner can be similar to how we view our finances, relationships, new activities or meeting new people. When we embrace that problems can arise, that we may make a mistake, and let go of worrying about a bad outcome we can start to try something new not out of fear but out of curiosity. 

Many times it can be difficult to try something new. However, when we think about it, the beginning to anything is difficult but with a little courage and perseverance it gets easier and easier. The challenge can either be an obstacle on the path or a stepping stone to new adventures in life. So whatever path you may be on, know that a detour will still get you to your destination.

Have a great week. 

Dr. Chip