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                It was
a beautiful weekend but we missed the rain, darn it! We’re noticing quite a few
patients having problems with sinus and allergy issues, and one of the farmers
that I talked to noticed that we haven’t had enough heavy rain to get rid of
the early spring pollen, so there is lots of dust and pollen out there. I don’t
always think that this means that people have allergies, it’s just that the
body has to deal with all this dust and pollen that you breathe in and it does
that by normally going through the lymphatic system into the liver and out.
Many people’s livers are full of junk already, so it overflows back up into the
sinuses and out. All of this gunk in their can lead to histamine release, which
would give people allergy type symptoms. Hopefully we will get some rain soon
and wash all this dust and pollen out of the air but it doesn’t look like this
week. It looks to be a very nice and sunny week so we’ll see when the rain

our Health Shops and Patient Education Workshops this month, were still talking
about men’s health but realize that most of the information is general so it’s
good for everyone to listen to. It’s interesting to see some of the news on
health and it’s all about treatment of some sort and never about looking for
the cause of any health problem. Even when dealing with antibiotics, there is
no information about how to strengthen the immune system or strengthen the body
in any way. It’s always about treatment, and that’s where the money is. The
problem with that is that there is so much degenerative disease in this
country, more than any other industrial nation, and it’s all due to this
paradigm of treatment over actual health. At Natural Health, we know that
treatment is important on the short term but you need to find the underlying
cause of the problem and remove it so that the acute situation does not turn
into a chronic or degenerative disease. Whenever you take medication whether
it’s prescribed or over-the-counter, the body has to deal with it if it can,
which is detrimental to the healthy function of the body and especially the liver.
Of course, medications are not nutritional and actually remove good nutrition
that the body has stored to deal with these chemicals. It makes much more sense
to use nutritional supplements and eat a good food diet and just be healthy,
rather than just treating symptoms all the time with medication. Doesn’t it?

article that I’m sending along today looks at how the UK is promoting the use
of honey over antibiotics for Colds and flu’s. This is very wise. There is
still lots of sugar in honey but you won’t get yeast overgrowth due to the
antibiotics killing off the good bacteria in the gut by using honey. I was
talking to some friends the other night and they were thinking that if they
needed care for colds or flu, they wanted double medications to get rid of it
faster, not knowing that this stuff is detrimental. Some people just won’t
listen and want the supposed easy way, but it’s going to cost them in the long
run. Our bodies are meant to run on good foods which may include supplements,
as the body knows how to keep itself healthy if treated correctly and fed
correctly. How do you think mankind has made it this long, except for the last
few decades, without all this medication? 

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Dr. Mark