Hydration and Salt

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend and the cooler temperatures. It looks like this
coming week will be a little warmer but that is July. Don’t you wish we could
bottle up some of this heat now and be able to use it this winter? I hate even
think about that word, winter-ha. I got a little more rain at the house this
weekend so the grass is staying mostly green. Of course, I still have to mow it
because the weed heads keep poking out but I’d much rather mow grass then
scoops snow. With this heat coming, make sure and stay hydrated and don’t
forget that that includes good quality water and electrolytes, or sea salt and
mineral salt. We use a lot of our product called Cal-Amo, which is a calcium
salt, this time of year and this helps a lot with muscle cramps and leg spasms
due to the body being dehydrated. Enjoy the heat while it’s here!

decided on doing our health shops live on Facebook and Instagram every Monday
night at 6:15. I plan to record the Patient Education Workshop and put that
video on our website. It seems that people have gotten out of the desire to go
out at night so it’s hard to get people to come to the office in the evening
for a class. If the Covid debacle taught us anything, it’s that we can stay
home and watch videos for information rather than running around at night for
classes. I will still give patients the option of coming for a Patient
Education Workshop, if they have a group, and we can figure out a night that
works for them. The purpose of the Patient Education Workshop is to explain, in
detail, how Nutrition Response Testing works and why it’s so important for
everyone to be tested to make sure that they are healthy and can stay healthy.
We have made a big mistake in not putting enough emphasis on the definitions of
blocking, switching, and the priority. With the stresses of life, these three
things can change or come up and stop the body from being able to get itself
healthy. Most people come to the office and do very well in their initial nutrition
schedules but then don’t follow through because they don’t really understand
the importance of checking the body from time to time so that the body can stay

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the study of Homeopathy and
how it works on energies that have been well documented over time. Mainstream
medicine does not want to acknowledge much of this energy information because
they can’t see it. The funny thing is, is that they use it all the time to do
MRIs, or EKGs, or other tests that they are measuring energies from the body
but don’t want to use that energy to help heal the body. I guess that accepting
these healing energies as being real puts too much medical power in the hands
of the patient. Plus, they can’t push the medications as much if everyone knew
about the healing energy that the body produces. The article talks about the
history of mainstream medicine and how it squashed homeopathy back in the early
1900s. They tried to squash Chiropractic too, but our science and philosophy
was too strong and were still here today. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and
Live Well

Dr. Mark