How To Choose The Right Nutrition For Better Health?

Do You Need Nutritional Supplements?
                        The answer is that each
person is very different in their daily nutritional needs.  It depends a lot on what they eat every day
and the nutrition they absorb from that food that determines what nutrients
they have in their bodies to handle that stress. The food they eat not only
gives them the energy they need to move and think but needs to be used to help
the body repair the damage done by moving and doing their jobs and activities. The
problem comes is when the body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs for correct
repair and must use what happens to be there.

            A good analogy that I use is, you’re
going to build a house and have a set of blueprints. If you use good building
materials, you will end up with a good, strong, house. Using the same
blueprints, if you use bad materials, old stuff, you will end up with a weak,
leaky, house. The human body works the same way, it can’t make good heart
muscles out of donuts. All diseases that plague mankind are due to a
degenerative process. A degenerative pancreas causes diabetes, a degenerative cardiovascular
system lends toward heart attacks and strokes, and a degenerative immune system
allows the body to get cancer. Medication that is used for these conditions are
not nutrition, they do not heal, only control symptoms, and cause their own

  Much of our food is
grown with synthetic fertilizers which make the crops look good but are void of
the good minerals we need. The soil may be depleted of the minerals needed to
keep us healthy. How about all the chemicals used on these plants that our body
has to deal with? There are antibiotics in some of the foods we eat that
destroy our bowel flora, therefore we won’t absorb our food correctly even if
it has the good nutrients in them.

 The next question is
which ones? 
That is where Nutrition
Response Testing
comes in.  It’s an
advanced non-invasive technique that allows the doctor to zero in on exactly
what’s causing someone to have symptoms and on exactly what the body wants in
order to heal itself.   We make sure the nutritional supplements that
you take work. No guess work, no unneeded expense, just results.
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