House Humidity and Health


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

it was a great weekend to stay inside and hibernate. I don’t remember having
that much sleet turned into ice and then having freezing drizzle on top of it
but anyway we’ve got it. We always joke that before Christmas it would be nice
to have a snow on the grass and trees but not on the streets and sidewalks.
This ice has turned out to be just the opposite but I guess that is enjoying
the seasons. The wind and the cold are stressing a lot of people so keep taking
those good supplements that help with your immune system and don’t forget to
keep your humidifiers working, especially in the bedroom. My wife Karen and I
were doing very well but we got lax and our humidity went down to 11% in the
house and now we are trying to get rid of a head cold. There are just some
really simple things that must be addressed to keep us healthy and keeping the
bodies air passages moist and healthy is very important. Of course, drinking
water and using sea salt or mineral salt are important ways to hydrate the body
but during the winter, keeping the air passages moist helps a lot too.

article that I’m sending along today has a great interview between Joe Rogan
and Dr. Robert Malone. It is about three hours long but is packed with
information about what we’ve endured over the last couple years. One of my New
Year’s resolutions is to try to teach people more about being healthy and not
being so far down the rabbit hole of mainstream medicine that they can’t think
for themselves. Mainstream medicine is so far into treatment and bug chasing
that they have forgotten about actual health and how to achieve that. That’s
what we do at Natural Health, is help the body to be healthy so that you either
can prevent yourself from getting sicknesses or get over them very quickly if
your body needs to go through that process. I look at colds and flu illnesses
as a cleansing that the body wants to go through so it’s not all bad, just no
fun. You’ll notice that when you go through a cold or flu illness, when you
come out the other end, you feel very well with lots of energy and everything
working well, unless you medicated yourself too much. The body is very amazing
in its ability to handle bugs that are out there and repair itself as long as
it has the barriers removed and the nutritional building blocks it needs for

                I hope
that you all have a very happy new year as were well into it now and keep
yourself positive and moving forward. Don’t forget that were here to help.

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark