Hot Hot Hot

 Good day Natural Health Family! I hope everyone was able to stay cool during these hotter days in the summer. Yes it has been hot which is why it is important to stay hydrated during this time. However, it is also a good time for our bodies to adapt to the changes in weather. Looking back, this is not so uncommon. We have had many of these hot days in the past. Weather, along with environmental conditions, comes in cycles. This year just may be a warmer cycle. Therefore, we don’t have to be stressed about it but rather embrace the changes. 

I am sure when we were younger that when it got hot we didn’t mind it so much. Rather we just switched up what we did. Perhaps we play in the pool rather than other activities. We didn’t get all caught up whether it was too hot or not, we just did whatever we wanted to do at the time or what we were allowed to do. Nowadays, we can become more reactive to any fluctuations in weather or other aspects of life. That’s why we have talked about adaptability. It is important to support our bodies physically with good foods, good water, nutrition, etc. We also want to help ourselves reset and regulate so that we can embrace more of the changes and keep moving forward. It can always be easy to dwell on problems and complain about different things even like the weather. However, when we can see that those things are a part of life and can look for the good we can handle more of what could come. 

The heat is on. That means more potential to be swings in the environment and other areas of life. Whatever it is, remember that you are more powerful than the circumstance. Take time to enjoy those parts of life. Even when we may get caught up in the fire, walk right through it.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip