Holidays Plans

 Good day Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone
has been getting plans set for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is close and
with that comes good food and good company. Everyone has had different
experiences when it comes to thanksgiving and the holidays. The main thing is
that it can be a time for connecting and celebrating with friends and loved
ones. However you celebrate, remember to enjoy this time with others.

I ask you what your intention is going into the holidays? Many times, when we
are going to start anything or go to an event, we sometimes can fall into the
trap of hoping nothing goes wrong 
rather than just enjoying the flow of it all. Just
like an athlete that intends to score a point and win the game, it is similar
with our interactions during the holidays. When we are conscious of what we do
or how we choose to spend our time we will be able to clearly see when we get
out of alignment and get back on. When we set an intention to connect with
others, to enjoy our time, etc. we are not moved by things that we don’t want
to engage in such as eating too many sweets. Rather we choose to enjoy the
whole experience of it all. When we are more conscious of our own focus and
energy, we are better able to make the most of the time we spend with others.

As kids we don’t mainly think about all the things
that we have to do, the responsibilities we have, etc. but mainly what is in
front of us. Then as adults we may get carried away in perhaps thinking too
much or worrying about things that we can’t control. Sometimes we can learn
from kids who can show us that we can enjoy more of life by being in the

Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving week!

Dr. Chip