Heart Heath and Aspirin

Well it was
a fairly nice weekend and temperatures are starting to come up. We had that bad
cold snap there to remind us that it’s still winter but it looks like were
headed to spring. It sure is nice to see the sun and it’s getting more powerful
and the days are getting longer which are good signs that spring is on the way.
If you’re having any kind of health issues, now is the time to come into
Natural Health and get those handled before we are wanting to go outside in the
nicer weather. Folks that have taken antibiotics over the winter, or the medications
for coughs and colds, which did not handle the underlying problems, and their
body needs to detox. This is why people talk about their colds or flu just
hanging on, they have not addressed the immune system. 
This is what we do at
Natural Health, address underlying issues and get people healthy.
Our February theme is on heart
health and we will be talking more about that tonight on our health shop at 6
o’clock. It will be on Facebook and Instagram and then on YouTube and
Brighteon.com later. Always lots of good information. I’ve included an article
today about heart health and why taking aspirin is not really a good idea.
Aspirin is not a nutrition or a food, it is a drug even though it is
over-the-counter. Medics tell patients to take aspirin to avoid heart attacks
but there are so many better ways then destroying your blood cells. Aspirin
thins the blood by destroying blood cells and lends towards a vitamin C complex
deficiency. You can also cause the digestive system to bleed as you’ll see in
the article. Most people just do better by making sure they drink plenty of water
or like the article describes, being a blood donor. I just think that taking an
aspirin a day, or any other medication for that matter, does not help the
patient become more healthy and actually makes for other conditions and their
health generally worse. We’re getting reports from patients that some medics
are taking their patients off aspirin, but others aren’t, which we doesn’t make
any sense.
            At Natural Health, were work towards
getting a patient to their best. We want true health for them and vibrant
energy, not just handling one aspect or condition, but looking at the body as a
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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark

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