Heart Health Month

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

     Another wintry weekend but it is the end of January. I’ve had several patients tell me that they have seen Robins around so wondering if that means spring is coming early or that winter is just not going to be that bad. I think the worst part about this time of year is that everything looks so Gray and I’m really starting to look forward to getting green grass growing again. I really look forward to the smell of the fresh cut green grass. This is the beginning of February and we are making this our heart month, especially with Valentine’s Day being here soon. We have a special on our heart sound recorder exam and it is a lot of fun just to go through and see what your heart valves sound like. My son, Coach Eddy, is doing those for us and he has a great deal of experience that he picked up as an associate with Standard Process. It’s a really easy test to do and the results are very quick. Anybody is welcome to have this heart sound recorder exam so tell all your friends and Neighbors.

     The article I’m sending along today looks at the ineffectiveness of wearing masks and now “they” are wanting you to wear 3 or four thinking that will make a difference. This article doesn’t seem to go with our heart theme for the month but it really does because all these masks will shut down your ability to get oxygen from the air and you’ll be breathing in more of  the carbon dioxide that you’re breathing out so your oxygen levels will decrease. This will put more stress on the heart and other systems of the body. I heard a joke that “they” say that the thinking here is that one more is helpful so the joke is why not go to 27. The thinking here is all wrong and we need to look at strengthening the immune system rather than trying to shut down our breathing capability. I really have a problem with the mainstream medical folks going along with all this stuff but it’s the times we live in. That’s why at Natural Health, we are more concerned with getting your body healthy so as not to have to worry about all  of these shenanigans.


 We have been working hard to improve our website and have added many videos that explain what we do here at Natural Health. If you get a chance to take a look, I think you’ll be impressed. Tell your friends and neighbors that we’re here to help and if they go to the website they can sign up, through email, for this newsletter and information that we send out. Thanks for your help in spreading the word on Natural Health.

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Patient Testimony: Before
coming to Dr. Mark, I felt tired and stressed out all the time. I was short
with my family and felt exhausted just thinking about the next day. Getting out
of bed was so hard I wanted to lie around and not deal with anything. I couldn’t
keep myself focused on one thing. I was dealing with headaches and sinus issues
3-4 days a week.

I am feeling more energized. My patience is better. I’m still tired, but now
it’s because I have better energy to go do things with my kids. I can
multi-task without being so overwhelmed and headaches are rare. My skin and
overall physical condition is much better. I have also needed fewer
adjustments. I just feel stronger!  K.B. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

– Dr. Mark

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