Happy Labor Day

 We are here again Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a good Labor day weekend. Speaking of Labor day, we can acknowledge the hard work and dedication that many people performed to make what this country is today. Like any group or community that works together, they can see effort paying off and notice the effects of how it can impact those around us. Let’s discuss how the interaction with others and how we choose to live in this world can have influences outside of what we may be able to see. 

When you think of the many accomplishments of others in this country or nation, who do you think of? You may think of different people in history involved in athletics, inventions, leadership, business, politics, actors, science, etc. Many people came to this country for an opportunity to make their lives better and in the process made an impact on the country and the rest of the world. If looking through their lives we could see the amount of work and effort they underwent to achieve such accomplishments. This helps us realize that success in anything is a continued effort towards an achievement that may come with trials, tribulations, and so called failures. Many times we may see the highlight reel of the many people who achieved what appears to be great things but don’t see the many failures that they had to go through to get there. Many people have described failures to be just the next step to what they are striving for. 

When we think of famous people throughout history we tend to put them on a pedestal to be looked up to. However, when we realize that it doesn’t matter what the profession is but more on how well it’s done, we acknowledge our own efforts. Not everybody is going to be a famous man or woman in history that shapes the world as we know it. Therefore we can see that everyone plays a part in the movement of the world. That how well we do our own work or how we interact with others plays a part in helping the world function. Just like the gears in a watch, when one doesn’t work they all don’t. We don’t have to be the most famous but we can influence the world by helping those around us see the best in themselves. 

So with whatever labor people may perform it is not being better than others but doing the best he or she can do. When we realize that what we do individually affects the world around us then we can see that everyone has an important role in the world regardless of job or business. So today make an attempt to smile and be grateful for the work someone has done for you however big or small it is. Thank you for reading.

Dr. Chip

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