Getting Ready For Winter

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed the nice weekend and got a lot of things done outside. I heard
some people talk about putting up their Christmas lights already and it was a
good weekend for that, as well as raking the yard and all the usual fall
chores. It’s gotten dry again and the dust is everywhere. The farmers are still
hard at it with harvest and that’s adding more dust and pollen into the air. We
doing a lot of work with sinus and allergy symptoms here at Natural Health. We
do it the right way, though, by helping the body to detoxify itself from this
dust and pollen and not suppressing the body’s immune system with medication.
If you want to be healthy, it’s important to work with the body and not against
the body.

article that I’m sending along looks at the European Union banning mercury
amalgams for teeth. This should have been done years and years ago but the
powers that want to make money are keeping it going. Mercury is a neurotoxin and
is not something you want in your mouth leaching into your nervous system. One
of the main things we find here at Natural Health, with new patients, is that
their nervous system is what we call blocked, meaning it’s not working
correctly to help the body heal itself, and one of the main causes is mercury
toxicity. Heavy metal toxicity can come from other sources but we find Mercury
to be the most common and 95% of the people that have mercury toxicity, have
mercury amalgams in their teeth. We have a great way of helping to detox the
body of these heavy metals and then work towards removing them as time permits.
Again, working with the body rather than doing things that harm the body.

                It’s a
new month and so our theme has changed from the National Chiropractic Month in
October to Getting Ready for Winter in November. This week were talking about
Fall Allergies which I talked a little bit about earlier. Seems like certain
conditions lend towards a lot of this dust and pollen in the air and we all
have to breathe it in but many of us get rid of it easily, and many don’t. This
is what leads to the overburdening of the liver and lymphatic system and the
patient then has allergy symptoms. At Natural Health, we have great products,
and the knowledge to use them, to help the body to detoxify itself and drain
all this gunk out so the symptoms go away. Symptoms are just the body’s way of
telling you something is wrong like the red lights on the dashboard of your
car. When those lights go off, you want to find the cause of the problem or you
will have bigger problems later with your car. The same thing works with the
human body in that if you just cover up the symptoms and don’t check on
underlying cause, you can have other problems, usually more serious problems,
later. At Natural Health, we try to help patients with prevention of problems
but are happy to help with symptoms and problems they already have.

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark