Hello Natural Health Family. Grateful for everyone reading this today and all those who receive this message in some way. We have talked about different emotional states such as hope, worry, fear, anger, patience, etc. Today I wanted to offer up a discussion about selfishness and generosity. 

I would care to admit that in some form or fashion that most if not all people are selfish in some way. This is not good or bad. Everyone has different tastes and unique abilities. It is what makes this world different so we can all experience life in interesting ways. We all have basic needs that should be met so in that way we need to be selfish to allow ourselves to live well. Similar to when airliners explain to put your own mask on then assist others. We also have various wants or desires. Again, these are not good or bad but experiences that if we aspire to have in our lives then we can enjoy them. Although we want to help ourselves, we can realize that if everyone was overly selfish that the world could not go round. It is important to give of ourselves to others our helpfulness, talents, and unique abilities.

If you would say selfishness is one side of the coin then you may say generosity is the other. Generosity can be explained as giving without any compensation expected. Obviously, there are limits and we shouldn’t overdue generosity. Nonetheless, when we give from our hearts we receive in the same manner. We don’t always have to give our money or valuables to others but more so our time, appreciation, compassion, etc. In recent times we have experienced the fear of what’s going to happen with all that is going on. It appears that the world is speeding up and we have to be prepared for anything. However, we can realize that we are all in this together. That, like it has been said before, it is more blessed to give than to receive. We can see that there are many ways to be generous. Not only can we give through our physical acts but we can also be thankful and wish people the best. Many people have said or done something not realizing at the moment how it could affect others. Those moments can be our greatest opportunities to show generosity of our openness and compassion to allow that person to embrace a different way. 

Generosity like charity is an interesting quality. We know that when we commit an act of generosity that we feel better, lighter, and want to do more. Generosity helps us feel that we are all connected in different ways. I encourage you today or this week to do something generous, it could be as simple as a smile to a stranger, a helping hand for a friend, and/or wishing a blessed day for another.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Chip