Hello Natural Health Family. It was another great weekend. I got to play in a volleyball tournament and had a lot of fun. Although the main goal was to have fun, it was a competitive atmosphere and everyone wanted to win. I realized again what sports really helps you do, the main thing is focus. 

When we hear the word focus we may think of many different circumstances or areas of our lives. We may think of sports teams, our jobs, various leaders, camera lenses, paying attention, etc. Many times when we are told to focus we want to grit or will something to happen. We may even try to use our muscular strength and force ourselves to focus. However, imagine if you were to visualize how your house looks. Would you tense up and try to force an image into your mind? Of course not. You would simply relax and allow the image to come to you. So our focus is where we are placing our attention. When we attend to things that we think may happen such as losing the game or if we let the team down, we start to feel negatively. When we are able to relax, breathe, and redirect our focus on what we want to happen then we feel more inspired, ready to take on the next challenge.

Another way to change our focus is to change the way we see things. Our perspective is important to help us gain more clarity on whatever is happening in our lives. This can relate to many areas of life. Like a volleyball game, it can seem very intense at the time, especially if it is a close game. However, when we can realize that in the grand scheme of it all it will come and go like the ocean tides. Whether you win or lose it will still be a fun time. This perspective not only allows us to have more fun, it also allows our bodies to relax. When we are relaxed while playing a sport or performing any task, we are actually able to perform better. Therefore, a perspective change can help direct our focus and allow us to see better opportunities and outcomes. 

Life can be filled with challenges, distractions, and obstacles. However, it can also be filled with opportunities, potentials, and insights. How we view the world around us and where we focus can determine where we go in life. Whatever game we are playing, whatever path we travel, our focus can be the key to a better outcome.

Have a great week and when you can look for the good. 

Dr. Chip