Fear or Faith

 Hello again Natural Health Family. So the New Year is up and running. It is a time that we may want to try new things, schedule our vacations or trips, and think about future plans. However, sometimes when we want to do different or even new things we may start trying to analyze everything and anything. We may think why bother since I need to be doing something else anyways. The reason for this pattern of thinking can be primarily due to one characteristic…Fear

When you think about the big moments in life, what do you think of? Sometimes we may think of the many fun things we have done or what we have achieved back then. Now let’s test your memory? When you think of 9/11 do you remember what you were doing or where you were at? This will be different for everyone but many will be able to remember it well. What about the moments when you had to give a big speech, make a significant investment financially, confess the truth as a kid, or hear about a certain virus, etc. Many of these moments involved a strong sense of fear. Our brain is more geared to information that could harm us in different ways. It is seeking survival and making sure that we are protected or that we don’t do something wrong. This is not entirely good or bad. Fear can be used as a tool to help guide us away from certain things, much like glancing over the side of a cliff, fear keeps us from walking over the ledge. However, fear can be used as a sort of “weapon” also. When we are in a state of fear we tend to react without reason and absorb whatever information is being given to us whether it is the truth or not. Fear keeps us limited to a small understanding of what could be a much larger picture.

Would you agree that with any subject, idea, topic, viewpoint, story that there are two sides? Just like a coin when we hold it up to look at it we can only see one side at a time. However, we know that there are two ways of seeing it, in the US, a heads or tails. When it comes to our healthcare many times we get caught into the sickness side of the coin. We get carried away and continue to acknowledge more and more what to do to get rid of the sickness or problem. This is one side of the coin. When we choose to change our perspective and look at the other side of the coin then we can see what constitutes health. We turn our viewpoint, our story, our way of looking from that of fearing sickness and what could harm us to more of faith in health and how powerful we can be.

With everything in life be it family, finances, politics, society, people, future plans, etc. there are always different ways to see it. The way we see things can be influential for our health and lives. Gaining more understanding of how health really works can open us up to see what we may have not been able to see before. Instead of dwelling on the shadow let us turn around and see the light. Thanks for reading.  

Dr. Chip