Fear Mongering


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Well were finally starting to get
some rain again and I noticed that the grass is greening back up. It’s kind of
nice to see the green grass before winner gets here in earnest. This week looks
to be warmer so even our yard grass might grow some and we’ll have to mow it
again but that’s okay. I’d much rather mow grass then scoop snow. I hope that
you’re figuring out your plans for Thanksgiving and can get together with
friends and/or family. Don’t let the fear mongering in the mainstream media
keep you from enjoying this great holiday!

            And speaking of fear mongering, the
article I’m including this week looks at the psychology of fear mongering and
how they’re using it to control citizens. At Natural Health, we’re trying to
get our patients to not worry and just be healthy and have confidence in their
health, so that they don’t have to worry about all the bugs and things that are
out there. Viruses have been with us for millions of years and will be around
for many more, and so will we. Our immune systems have developed with viruses
in mind and the important part is to make sure you’re supporting the immune
system and not shooting it full of holes with refined sugar, processed foods,
and processed oils in your diet. There are so many good supplemental nutrients
that we have here at Natural Health for patients to use to strengthen their
immune system and keep their body able to fight off any foreign invader. If
this were not true, mankind would have been finished long ago but were still
here and doing well.

            At Natural Health, we are also
looking at other factors that deal with good health and educating our patients
on how to combat those things we can’t do anything about, like things we
breathe in and chemicals in our food and water. It’s a matter of making good
choices and just being aware of your ability to control your health by being
informed. Just sitting at home living in fear and waiting for the white coats
to tell you what to do is not a very good way to live. We want our patients to
be vital and enjoying life to the fullest! Which way would you rather live?

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Patient Testimony: I was involved in a car accident which resulted in pain to
my neck and upper right shoulder. I couldn’t raise my arm straight up and there
was weakness in my grip. I couldn’t sleep on my right side.

I regained range of motion with my right arm. I am able to
stretch and reach above my head without pain. I am able to sleep on my right
side.  – V.A. 

Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark