Fear and Fatih

Hello Natural Health Family! With our independence day coming I wanted to talk about a topic that seems to be relevant in these times. The topic is the understanding of fear and how faith can counter fear to overcome difficult times for many people. 

    Many people experience fear in many ways such as thinking about what to say to another person, how to keep everything well financially, how relationships are going, failing to do something, and others. There are many things that people fear nowadays ranging from small insecurities to what may seem like devastating issues. However, if we think about all our ancestors went through to make this nation a free nation then we can see what tremendous things they had to go against to accomplish this heroic task. Our ancestors possessed an attribute that I believe helped balance out the fear they must have felt, the attribute being faith. 

    When we have faith, we are able to overcome the fear that we experience. When fighting for freedom, our ancestors had faith that what they were doing was for the good of all. Their faith helped them overcome the fear that would undoubtedly be on the minds of many during that time. The faith they had gave them great power to continue to do what they believed was the right course of action. 

    Many people experience fear but if they don’t have faith in something such as a higher power like God, faith in another person, or themselves, then they will continue to be stopped from fear. Fear can be one of the most deadly things to any man or woman. If we don’t exercise faith more of the time we will let fear be our downfall. Let us learn from our ancestors to exercise faith in those situations so that we know that it will work out. 

    It may seem like a scary time of extremes and uncertainties. This may cause us to experience fear. Nonetheless, when we practice having faith in these times we get better at staying calm which also helps us stay healthy and happy. Bless all those who fought for this country and all those who are experiencing the effects of fear especially in these extreme times. Happy Independence Day Weekend!
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