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Natural Health and Diet Soda
There has been a lot of controversy about diet soda in the
past. When they first came out, everyone thought, especially the salesmen, that
they would be the answer to anyone’s weight problem and be so great for
diabetics. Time and research has proven this false and more recent studies have
shown the outcome to be just the opposite, with users gaining more weight and
having worse health.  Soda itself is an
“anti-food” meaning it robs the body of precious minerals just to process it
and get rid of it through the channels of elimination. And of course all the
refined sugar in the soda is the cause of this along with the phosphoric acid
that makes it fizz. The artificial sweeteners that are used instead of sugar to
make it taste good to the highly sweet American palate are substances that the
human body has never seen before. It takes more energy and precious nutrition
to process it and sometimes it can’t and the body sticks in fat cells to
neutralize its toxicity.
After doing a search on the net, here are a few problems that
diet sodas cause. Diet sodas can cause weight gain. Diet sodas are addictive.
Diet sodas may increase your risk of stroke by 50%. Diet sodas can double your
risk of obesity. Diet sodas are linked to heart disease. Diet sodas can cause
liver damage. Diet sodas can cause tooth decay. Diet sodas can cause kidney
stones and kidney disease. Diet sodas can cause diabetes, heartburn and acid
reflux, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, impaired digestion and so on. I think that
you get the point.
So when we work with patients on their diets, sodas and
especially diet sodas, are one of the first items we try to get the patient off
of. As mentioned though, these chemical concoctions are addictive and it may
take some time to do this. We find though that as the patient’s nutritional
base is improved and they get healthier, their addictions start to melt away as
does their excess weight which is usually the reason they started drinking diet
sodas in the first place.
We find that all the artificial sweeteners are hard on the
body except one, Stevia. We find the body gets along with stevia but we warn
patients to use it sparingly as it may taste bad to them if too concentrated.
Every patient is different and that keeps it interesting. 
Get Healthy, Stay
Healthy, Live Well!

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