Darkness & Light in Regards To Health

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it and happy spring to all others. Springtime marks the time for new beginnings. A time, especially in the situation at hand, that creates change in our lives. In what seems to be a time of darkness and confusion, we will emerge in a new light. 

Let’s talk about darkness and light in regards to health. It is our human nature when we get hurt or have a certain health problem come up we look outside of us for answers. We tend to think that we must have “caught” something when we feel ill. Like the primitive man before, if a branch fell from a tree and hit us we would naturally think that pain and illness happens from outside the body. We would then be focused on our external environment and always scanning what is around us that may cause us ill. When we think this way, we become more focused on the problem or darkness of our lives. This causes us to always seek answers to why we have a problem or what the problem is. We tend to seek other opinions of the problem or the darkness in our lives. It’s like standing in a dark room and continuing to  wonder where the darkness is coming from. However, instead of looking for second opinions to the problem or where it may be coming from, let’s flip the switch and turn on the light, the light being the healing ability of the body. When we focus on our health rather than our problems, we increase the light in our lives helping us to shine a brighter path for others. .

When looking at problems that we face as a dis-ease of the body rather than a disease of the body, we give ourselves the power back to take our health into our own hands. We let go of being a victim of our lives so that we can express our healing potential. 

These current times especially  have forced  us to realize the importance of taking care of ourselves so we can adapt to a change in our environments. There will always be change in our lives giving us stress which makes us adapt and grow. When we are healthy, we are able to adapt to those changes which makes us stronger. If we are not healthy, then we have a more difficult time to change which causes further issues.  When we focus on our health and well being rather than the outside environment, we fill ourselves with hope and faith rather than worry and fear. This furthermore gives us more drive to do the things we want to do and more energy to live a life worth living. 

    It was said in the last post but is also appropriate for this one. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us… “- Marianne Williamson. Making good health choices and taking back our control gives us more energy. We must give ourselves the opportunity to grow and shine our light to lessen the darkness that surrounds us. Chiropractic adjustments help increase energy to the nervous system allowing you to adapt and  live healthier and happier. Here’s to a great Spring! Thanks for reading. 
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