Dairy and Digestion

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     Well it looks like we’re headed out of the Deep Freeze. I hope that you had a nice weekend enjoying the “warmer” weather . We’re definitely not at Spring yet but it looks like we may be going that way. I’ve heard the robins chirping in the morning so apparently they think Spring is coming. And Easter seems early this year so hopefully those are good signs of warmer weather coming. We are using a lot of Congaplex and Immuplex at the office for our patients as these nutrition’s help with strengthening the immune system. Remember that we’re here to help with  anyone’s immune system strengthening, plus as a side effect, getting the body healthier helps them reduce weight. We’re getting a lot of questions about that too. 

     I don’t know about you but I’m starting to get tired of all the Covid stories in the news. There is so much bologna going on there so I’ve decided to include an article this week about cheese .  At Natural Health, we try to keep people away from soft dairy because it’s processed so much. Hard cheeses though are a great way of getting protein and other minerals from a dairy source. Cheese is a fermented food which means it’s partly broken down and easier for the body to digest and absorb. Even the calcium is in a better form far easier absorption. Milk is so processed and heated that any nutrition in there is hard for the body to get out and  to most people , it is irritating to the gut and causes mucus production. That is a constant question here at Natural Health in that are certain foods allergic or are they just hard to digest for that person. Dairy products are like that for many folks but it seems that most people get along with the hard cheeses.

     Don’t forget that during February and March we are having our Heart Sound Recorder special. The Heart Sound Recorder is a great way of quickly seeing how the nutritional needs of the body affect the heart. If you’ve had one yourself already , you know how well it works. Please tell others that it is here for them too and we would love to help them see what their nutritional needs are.

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